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Deploy account-level intelligence for a winning sales strategy


Rebecca Coonan

The deep knowledge provided by a single customer profile can be scaled to your entire existing portfolio and your targeted customer population, transforming your sales & marketing strategy.

Image by Markus Winkler
In Brief
  • Gain entry to new accounts with detailed reports that let you tailor your message

  • Strengthen relationships and reduce decision-making risk with accurate insights from the right data

  • Set your organization apart from the competition by knowing the account better than they do

By analyzing multi-faceted customer information and laddering up from ground-floor operations to whole account activities, you can identify entry points and selling propositions that directly answer your account’s larger goals and strategy. 

Data-driven insights can uncover opportunities to create on-point offerings designed to complement existing services, or address account-specific development areas. When executed well, this approach strengthens account relationships, loyalty, and trust, which in turn reduces decision risk, and improves your competitive position. 

Having a scaled-up dossier for each account can save valuable time on research that can be re-allocated, align sales and marketing, and boost speed to sale, resulting in an increased return on department costs.

Scaling your customer profiles to the account level delivers the insight to inform a successful sales and marketing strategy that can prepare you to anticipate account needs, mutually benefit your relationships, and increase selling speed. 

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