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Take a whole market approach to your sales strategy


Rebecca Coonan

Expand on a refined sales and marketing approach by scaling account-level customer profiles to your entire target market.

Image by Markus Winkler
In Brief
  • Gain unique perspectives and insight by profiling every selling location for every account 

  • Segment your entire market to construct a holistic view of that space from multiple approach angles

The basis of this approach is a comprehensive database of all collected profile elements, allowing analysis at meaningful depth and breadth. Not only can this be a method of sizing the market opportunity, the extensive volume of collected data can provide unique perspectives on the market and enable segmentation from multiple angles. This will allow you to prioritize and optimize your activities to align with your strategic objectives. Applying bespoke analysis methodologies can uncover emerging trends, allowing you to take proactive measures to changing market forces, and mitigate strategic decision-making risk. 

Consider a global industrial capital equipment manufacturer who needs to scale revenue growth quickly and efficiently. They have a defined market, but they don’t know all the players, and they’re not sure how to formulate a strategy and build a tactical plan to capture as much market share as possible. By leveraging a robust database that consolidates relevant data for every potential point of sale, they gain a market-wide view of the opportunities and the ability to segment and identify sales outreach priorities. The insight from this approach creates a unique advantage over competitors who take an incremental approach to customer research.

In conclusion, you can develop a whole-market approach to creating a winning sales strategy by investing in a valuable intelligence asset that unlocks the door to sustainable growth.

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