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Case Study
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Standing up Two International Contact Centers

In Brief


realized ROI during engagement

The Story

WarrantyCo* wanted to create a global workforce by partnering with leading offshoring companies. We led the initiative to stand up customer service, claims, and back-office service centers at two separate global locations, simultaneously executing the dual transition plan over 10 months.

WarrantyCo had grown significantly over the prior two years as it focused on expanding services, growing into new geographic areas, and driving operational excellence into core delivery functions. The company needed to scale its customer service and claims operations department to meet the needs of its expanded customer base. Issues included consistency in meeting key performance indicator best-practice levels, modernizing telephony systems and software, hiring and retaining staff, and budget management.

To address these issues, we led partnerships with two global outsourcers for WarrantyCo. Our initial focus was defining the critical path to project success and a comprehensive governance structure. We then managed a 20+ person multinational team that migrated the functions to the global locations with minimal service disruptions. We resolved delays affecting a mission-critical six-month migration onto a new telephony platform, which integrated Salesforce with the offshore partners’ contact center technology. .

As a result of our approach and project management expertise, we completed the transition of five lines of business on time in 10 months and generated more than 3.6X ROI during the project for WarrantyCo.

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