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Case Study
Image by Markus Winkler

Transitioning Customers to Global Delivery

In Brief


customers identified as requiring no contract modification

The Story

HealthTechCo* wanted to create a client delivery and shared services global workforce at an international location. We managed a large-scale organizational initiative to gain approval to provide their services from a global site, and we quickly identified how to maximize the benefits captured within a short timeframe.

Two years into a growth strategy, the company had succeeded in quickly making multiple acquisitions. Challenges included integrating the acquired companies’ technologies, developing a singular company identity, and capturing synergies and cost savings. The opportunity to capture cost savings by utilizing a global workforce emerged as a significant source of value. Their challenge was to create a scalable, repeatable process for gaining consent from the clients of acquired companies to transfer their services to a global site.

We segmented HealthTechCo’s customer population into categories using robust data and analytical tools and methodologies. Through interviews and workshops, we collaborated with the client’s teams to refine the segmentation. Our approach revealed that there was significant variation in the types of contract restrictions, which allowed us to design a marketing strategy with customized value propositions and specific approaches to navigating conversations with clients to request consent.

Facing time pressure to capture cost savings identified during the acquisitions, HealthTechCo had to scale its outreach as the volume of clients was too high to operate a linear outreach. We developed a novel cohort strategy that identified the roadmap to maximize the benefits captured by strategically optimizing the sequence of the outreach.

By segmenting early on and planning to scale outreach to its clients, HealthTechCo could simultaneously capture the targeted cost savings from current acquisitions and develop a competitive advantage to integrate future additions. As a result, the company significantly reduced spending while it grew through acquisitions, setting them up for step-function growth.

*While we've changed client names, the results are real.

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