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Case Study
Image by Markus Winkler

Driving Competitive Intelligence at Scale

In Brief


precision targeted customer leads in 9 months

The Story

BiotechCo*, a private equity-backed biotech capital equipment manufacturer, had a bold vision for rapid revenue growth. We conducted a six-month engagement to assemble highly targeted competitive intelligence on the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and to generate qualified sales leads at scale.

Two years following the release of a breakthrough product, BiotechCo had secured several rounds of investment to fuel sales growth. Challenges included identifying potential new customers and reaching out to these customers at scale. Buyers lacked awareness of BiotechCo’s breakthrough product and the solutions it delivered. Additionally, BiotechCo planned to raise more capital, build out its sales team, and automate the sales outreach process.

We partnered with the strategy leadership and commercial teams to establish the essential elements of valuable competitive intelligence. We identified sources that could provide the information at scale and developed a process to gather, analyze, and deliver the resulting holistic report. This data included key decision makers, product sales, up-to-date news, FDA inspections, upcoming capital projects, and drug development pipelines. Using multiple decision factors, we segmented and ranked every potential customer according to strategic value to prioritize the sales team’s outreach efforts.

As a result of our strategic collaboration, we unearthed more than 120 new top-tier targets and over 13,000 potential leads. Sales increased with reps using the immediately actionable competitive intelligence we provided, affirming its usefulness and profitability potential. The comprehensive groundwork laid during our engagement fortified BiotechCo's capacity for sales growth, playing a crucial role in their successful completion of a $120M+ capital raise.

*While we've changed client names, the results are real.

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